Size Guide

Please use the sizing guide below to assist you in selecting the correct size. Please be aware we stock a variety of brands, Australian and International, and sizes will vary slightly between brands. Babies and children of the same age can also differ in their weight, height and measurements and this needs to be considered when selecting a suitable size.

If in doubt it is always best to choose a size bigger so the item can be ‘grown into’ and worn for longer.


Babies: newborn to 24 months (Australian sizing)


Age Weight Height Size
newborn up to 4kg up to 56cm 0000
0-3 months 4kg - 6kg up to 62cm 000
3-6 months 6kg - 8kg up to 68cm 00
6-12 months 8kg - 10kg up to 76cm 0
12-18 months 10kg - 12kg up to 84cm 1
18-24 months 12kg - 14kg up to 92cm 2

Babies: newborn to 18 months (European sizing for Sture & Lisa)
Age Height European Size 
newborn up to 56cm 56
1-3 months up to 62cm 62
3-6 months up to 68cm 68
6-9 months up to 74cm 74
9-12 months up to 80cm 80
12-18 months up to 86cm 86

Children: 2 – 6 years
Age Height Chest Waist Hip Size
2 years 92cm   54cm   2
3 years 100cm 58cm 55cm 59cm 3
4 years 108cm 60cm 56cm 62cm 4
5 years 115cm 62cm 57cm 64cm 5
6 years 120cm 64cm 58cm 66cm 6