Designer Wraps & Blankets

Show love to your young one with the latest fashion in soft wraps, swaddles, and blankets. Made from quality cotton material, they ensure that the baby is warm, comfortable, and relaxed when all covered.

The designer wraps come in different materials and a wide choice of colors to keep your little angel looking stylish. The items are superbly finished and are not easily frayed at the edges. Therefore, they serve you longer in good condition. Moreover, they are easy to wash and remove any stains from soiling. Easy care instructions are included in the package.

The saddles are lateral belly wraps. The wraps are also an effective solution when you want to calm the baby. When they are securely wrapped around the baby, they provide some gentle pressure around the baby’s abdomen thereby reducing the fussiness.

Do not be worried about the size; the designer blankets are generously cut to give more room to children of up to four months old while ensuring a nice wrap.