Bibs for Babies | Ladybug Kisses

Baby bibs are an absolute blessing for any mum when it comes to keeping the baby clean. Cleanliness is a necessity for the baby.

Ladybug Kisses is committed to providing exceptional quality when it comes to bibs. The quality is something that you cannot afford to overlook when buying one of these.

If you did not know, they are designed by age. There are those that are best suited for use by infants, three-month olds and so on. We base our variety on design, age and other important factors that are important when making a purchase.

A bib should be easy to wash and dry without the need for hard detergents that may cause allergies and reactions. The Ladybug Kisses collection available at is certified for safety and is easy to wash. This also goes a long way in reducing your strain when cleaning the baby's clothes

Our collection is chosen with certain specifics in mind. One such considerations is the fit. We understand that every mom's kid is different from the other. As such we make sure that there is great flexibility when it comes to the fit on the kid.