Sapling Child

                                                 Sapling - 100% organic cotton babywear

                                                   Exclusively designed. Ethically made.

Sapling Child is a teeny weeny Australian company specialising in 100% organic cotton babywear in sizes 000-1 and have recently expanded to include childrenswear up to size 5. Their designs are fun and whimsical and hopefully in some small way will remind you of your childhoods.


Sapling products are always made with the finest organic cotton and printed with organic water-based dyes.
All Sapling garments and trimmings are made with 100% certified organic cotton. They are printed with GOTS approved water based dyes that are free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals, a safer choice for babies. Buying organic cotton is a better choice for the environment, for farmers, and a softer and safer choice for babies sensitive skin.

Sapling garments are all GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, so you can be confident when you purchase a Sapling product. Their garments are proudly made in India under fair trade terms and conditions.

Fall in love with their gorgeous designs and luxuriously soft babywear and childrenswear!



                                                                 Jaime King for Sapling Collection

                                Jaime King x Sapling Collection

From the sprawling skies of Nebraska where I grew up, to the seascape of California where I now live comes the inspiration for this collection – childhood wonder. Inspired by the Japanese art of storytelling through printmaking, I wanted to tell a story reflecting my childhood dreams while gazing at the endless skies of Nebraska, and of my son, James Knights’ childhood basking in the Californian sun and looking upon the same stars that I adored as a child. It is a story of dreams that were created where land, sky and spirit meet. The collection is inspired by what I hold dear, but it is a universal tale about all dreams. I hope that you and your child can enjoy our story together. Jaime King. x


                                Flight Collection 2016

                  L'abeille Collection - launching 4 August 2016

Sapling take organics and their responsibility to Mother Earth seriously. This season's collection is inspired by the Honey Bee, or L'abeille in French, an insect that is vital to the health of our ecosystem. The important pollination work of the Honey Bee is crucial to the growth of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and to the beautiful plants and flowers that surround us. L'abeille is a celebration of Honey Bees and their role in preserving and beautifying the world for our children. The hues chosen for L'abeille remind us of the flowers upon which Honey Bees like to land. Like the striped pattern which adorns the Bee, the complimentary pattern this season is a stripe in coordinating colours. Inspired by the art of French ticking, our stripes being a crisp, French touch to a collection which pays tribute to one of the Earth's most important insects, L'abeille.

With L'abeille Sapling have adopted closed stitching to protect your little ones from irritating inner seams. Back leg pleats have been added for extra nappy room without compromising fit. Double stitching ensures durability on every bind, and longer cuffs lengths for folding allows for growth and longevity.