Red Bobble



When I was a young girl I had hair of gold that ran all the way down my back.
It shimmered in the sun and swayed in the breeze and all that saw my incredible locks
would wonder in delight at how such magnificent hair could exist....

ok, so it wasn't quite like that, not at all really, but I did have really long hair, brown, not gold.
It did run all the way down my back, that's true and people really did comment on just how long it was.
But, I HATED it! I resented the brushing, oh the endless brushing.

My reward though, was gorgeous red hair bobbles that my mother would adorn my ponytails with.
Red like cherry lips and love hearts and I LOVED them! 

This is the story of how Red Bobble came to be. Creator Louise, a busy mum of three, wanted to bring back the hair bobble and has proudly now created an entire range of accessories based on a rainbow assortment of colours that look deliciously good!!! 

From the original hair bobble in a range of rainbow inspired colours, all hand threaded and tied, Red Bobble's collection has expanded to offer an enchanting kaleidoscope of colourful girls hair accessories, bobble-inspired bracelets, bangles, and girls necklaces as well as little candy-coloured overnight bags and irresistible nursery mobiles.

Treasures can be found at the end of a rainbow... Red Bobble accessories will brighten your little girls day and let her create her own personal style. Colourful, fun, and enchanting - Red Bobble accessories also make a perfect gift idea.

Bring some bobbiliciousness into your little one's life!


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