Coq en Pâte



Coq en Pâte is a gorgeous French children's accessories and fashion company which places ethics in the heart of all its creative processes. They believe it is possible to create, produce and sell whilst respecting humans and their environment, while their artists communicate a poetic, fun and educational message in their creations.

All their baby and children's clothing is made using 100% organic (GOTS/Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton, cultivated with no chemicals or pesticides, making them soft, supple and hypoallergenic for little one's to wear. 

Coq en Pâte are delighted to collaborate with Madeline Rogers, creator of Mibo, to create a collection of organic cotton children's fashion signed 'Mibo for Coq en 
Pâte'. Mibo hopes everyone enjoys getting to know their magnifique menagerie of colourful characters, shapes and geometric patterns in a range of themes including Jungle and Ocean.

Coq en Pâte also meet the standards to be labelled Imprim'Vert which involves the use of non-toxic printing products, and also use PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) wood products, such as paper and cardboard, from wood harvested from sustainably managed forests.

We hope you fall in love with their magnifique organic cotton baby bodysuit & bib sets and children's T-Shirts uniquely printed on the front and back with bright and colourful fun animal designs. Your little one will adore them!