Billybandit offers an accessible collection, both in terms of price and wearability which is adapted to the world of young adventurers.

The Billybandit wardrobe combines essentials with a good dose of trendiness, a dash of poetry and a pinch of humour. Today's little superheroes will find all the fashion styles they love, adapted to current trends: a palette of bright, modern colours as well as playful and quirky designs. The range is inspired by the sea, adventures, superheroes and the Wild West and peppered with funny & off-beat details such as optical illusions, surprises and... even tricks!

Billybandit can be summarised as "Fizzy and Fun Fashion".


Fall - Winter collection:

Burgers, dinosaurs, robots, superheroes, the North... the stuff of any little boy's dreams! With four separate themes, plus the launch of an infant line, this season's collection is an elegant, fun and original take on garments for any occasion, even the chicest of chic! Prepare to be surprised.



Billybandit Baby Bodysuit, Shoes & Hat Set
On Sale RRP $49.50
Billybandit Superhero Knitted Baby Cardigan
On Sale RRP $44.00
Dinosaur vs Robot Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
On Sale RRP $39.50
Lion Superhero T-Shirt
On Sale RRP $35.00
Monster Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
On Sale RRP $32.00
Monster Mouth Cargo Pants
On Sale RRP $66.00
Superhero Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
On Sale RRP $26.00
Underwater Superhero T-Shirt
On Sale RRP $39.00